preoccupied with an optimistic or chivalrous approach to life

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Caroline by Ira Chernova
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Marina Nery backstage at Christian Dior Haute Couture Autumn 2013
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to coney island
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this photo mesmerises me

she’s so carefree in this picture, that’s what’s so mesmerizing to me.

Just wanted to remind you that you’re beautiful, you’re so worthy of living and I’m so proud that you’ve made it this far, you’re not alone, keep holding on my darling, I’m always here if you need someone 💞

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I’m following back everyone until I hit my follow limit ≋
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Madeline by Donald J
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Message me if we have similar blogs!! Need more blogs to follow xx
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I don’t smoke but I think that this is so gracious

❤ queued feel free to delete ❤
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(by, 航 任)

what the fuck.